A banned weapon,SMAW

When rocket bombs came flying to me, I was surprised very much. And I was hit and died instantly.

ULF soldiers aimed at me on the mountain which looked down at the Russian base. All of them had a certain rocket launcher. When I came out of a ridgeline that I aimed at the one of them, a rocket bomb hit me, and I died again.

When I watched his firing smoke, the bomb has already killed me. In an impossible thing, it was higher-speed than bullets. The rocket bomb should be slower than bullets. Besides, it flies like a snipe gun precisely fast and makes the movement of the foot soldier useless. And the rocket bomb killed me behind the shadow of the mountain by an explosion. ULF soldiers had a surprising weapon in their hand. I continued being defeated by them.

Is it cheat? The ground war in Olds becomes the world lacking in reality like SF if the weapon is justified. Nobody uses the rifle and will have the rocket launcher. Because it is too strong, it is necessary for neither the tank nor the jet. It is a weapon destroying gaming balance. ULF used the rocket launcher including their admin. Some gun producers considered it to be cheat. It operated vice combat system needlessly and only strengthened it.

By the way, it is named SMAW(Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) and is sold in sky of Olds. And it does not resemble real SMAW.

I heard that it was banned by Olds this morning. I regard it as proper measures. Probably a member of ULF which developed it may think dissatisfiedly. However, the game balance in Olds was in this way maintained.


By the way, other factions tend to use many rockets in Olds. The theme of the SSR training this morning was coping to a rocket weapon.

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