SAC SR-16(1)


high-performance in a performance list. However, there is really a gun of performance dissatisfied with. I continued using such a gun so far. Is it high running fire speed? No, as for it, only one is often fired. The gun is jammed immediately. I was killed for the gun that it was poor in the operation many times. But I do. I looked for the gun which operated surely.

The gun which operates surely and high efficiency. It is an ideal gun for me. I tried various guns. And I found the most suitable gun. It is SAC SR -16. I had already a powerful snipe gun,SAC XM109. Therefore I was interested in SMG by SAC.

I am not an expert of the guns. However, I evaluate operation of this gun. SR -16 does not malfunction in the severe SIM situation. It is the most important as a weapon. It is shit that it does not operate even if very high-performance. This SR -16 operates in any situation. And this gun shows unparalleled strength from the middle range in a short distance. It is faithful to use of original SMG. I show strong sympathy to SR -16.

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