In a battle of the weekend


In the case of weekdays, I can log in late at night. A Pacific region in the case of night, most SSR friends work in reality. Therefore, I often fight against a Japanese troop,ULF weekdays. They aim at me in a group. Naturally it is a disadvantageous fight for me. I continued losing one-sidedly. They use a tank and a rocket and kill me. However, I gradually improved in the fight with them. SSR never loses in ULF if SSR and ULF are the same number.

In morning of the weekend, I fought with SSR friends against NATO after a long absence. I can kill more enemies by my submachine gun than before. After having been defeated by gun battle as ever, NATO take tanks and helicopter gunships, and they raids us. It is easy to kill a foot soldier by a tank. They are going to get victory too easily. However, it does not contribute to ability improvement of their own.

When I used mig29 for the NATO tank which attacked SSR foot soldier,there is a NATO member who say that  I am unfair. Is it good that he attacks a foot soldier by his tank? And is it bad that I attack his tank by my jet? I do not have mind in response to such egocentric, childish dissatisfaction. NATO should have a honest leader immediately. However, they will not have so it.

On the other hand, we have a good news. It is return to SSR of Anastasia. When I was about to be ever ousted from Olds, she took good care of gentle measures. I was angry at a battle of a certain admin very much then. I said violent language to the admin. I avoided ban by her aid. I still have the feeling of thanks toward her.

And Rim participated in today’s battle. He accessed enemies in prominent fighting power and defeated them.

I challenge ULF to a lonely fight on weekdays.

And I fight with SSR friends against NATO on the weekend.


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