The reinforcements


I fought against a Japanese troop,ULF(team3) yesterday. Bath and I challenged them to a fight first.The mark was three people at first, but they gradually increased and overwhelmed. All of them had a rocket launcher and continued hitting us in sequence. They fired rocket bombs from the highest mountain. There was the man who was good at one ground battle in them, and I was killed four times by him. My movement was dull then. Something was wrong with my submachine gun. It resembled a phenomenon of lag which occurred in sim. My bullets were not often fired, and I was killed easily. In this the battle that is advantageous to me make no progress. My one-sided defeat gave confidence to them. Some them went down the mountain and were going to surround me.

I fell into distress. I called for help to Kitto which was online. Kitto came to help me with Nesje. We reopened an attack to ULF. Nasje is mastery of the ground war. She accesses them daringly and kills them. And they lost composure. They escaped into the ravine which they were based in. It is usual practice when they are disadvantageous. We surrounded them reversely. They lost discretion, and it was sniped by us and increased the damage.

Furthermore, NATO helped us. When the war situation became predominantly disadvantageous to them, they retreated all at once.

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2 Responses to The reinforcements

  1. Kitto Sosa says:

    We’re a family!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Of course,Kitto!! 😀
    And SSR is the best team in Olds.
    I thank for help to me of you and Nesje 🙂

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