Train accident of Stockholm


Olyckståg bärgas(Unfortunate train or Accident train salvaged)

The subject and photograph were placed in It was the accident that happened in Stockholm on 15th. If there were passengers on the train, it was a catastrophe. However, there is not mention about the passenger as far as I read an article of dn. What kind of accident was it?

The accident was reported as follows in Japan.

“The woman of the cleaner in its twenties of the train company stole a train of four unmanned formation from a garage in capital Stockholm, Sweden on 15th and ran it. After having run approximately 1.6 kilos at speed of 80 kilos per an hour, the train derailed in a terminal. It ran over snow and plunged into the 3-story apartment nearby and pierced it deeply.”

Inhabitants that the apartment was damaged were unreasonable with misfortune. However, fortunately, inhabitants did not have the damage. The question of people rises why a cleaner was able to run by a trains of SL(Stockholms Lokaltrafik).

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