NATO same as before


We,SSR disliked the unfair fight of two NATO faction players in particular until now. As a result of having piled up evidence of the unfair fight of conventional them, they seemed to be demoted. The sergeant and the captain, their rank were provided by an unfair fight each. Nobody of us respects unfair victor. Did they reform themselves afterwards? No, they do not seem to reform themselves at all.

The one of them appeared in Olds, and indiscriminate bombing with his A-10 was started at once today. We turned off VICE combat system. We refused to fight for the coward. The leader of NATO is only a pretense. The reader and Admin of NATO do nothing. Therefore, thorough battle rule is not done in NATO faction. As a result, members who are going to get victory by the unfair tactics increase.

Needless to say, Olds AFB is a stronghold of AMOK. The planes sold by AMOK get the big recognition in SL. However, those most are demand partial to NATO weapon. Have you seen a Russian plane flew in SL? I am convinced of an answer no. The main customer of AMOK purchases a western weapon in SL. We are, so to speak, “aggressors“.

Actually, the battle ability of each member of SSR is very high. I am still a greenhorn, but other members overwhelm NATO in a battle. Why is SSR strong? It is because Rendy and Vita becoming the core of SSR are solid.


Most of the admin of other factions are absent, but our Vita functions magnificently as admin. “Rebuilding of NATO which was about to collapse”,I heard such a rumor. Therefore the NATO faction must look for admin such as leader and Vita such as Rendy. They will remain a simple crowd until they succeed in it.


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