My home rebuilding


I devoted myself to a fight in Olds AFB and neglected remodeling of my home. Look at the entrance hall. Several places of texture is not put…

And even the door oh entrans hall is not attached :/


There is not a wall on the door of the bed room. I lived in the house of the shoddy construction for half a year. Because I am the constructer, it is the natural consequences :/

Why did I stop my home building? I spent most time in SL in Olds. I spent most time in combat at Olds AFB in SL. Fortunately, I have the holiday of a few days.


I am still producing my garden.


It does not rain unless LSL written in some script in SL is carried out. Therefore my present unfinished house’s roof does not leak. And it is unattractive…

I intend to complete my house during this holidays.

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