Ett besök på nätets kyrkogård? : A visit to the network’s cemetery?


The reporters of a daily newspaper in Sweden,Dagens Nyheter log in to Second Life.

DN’s Hanna Fahl has an appointment with Charlotte Rhino and Apmel Goosson at the Second House of Sweden, inside the virtual world Second Life.

A visit to the network’s cemetery

Hanna Fahl has trudged around on the internets cemetery to find out what really happens when the social networks are dying.

They seem to think SL to be critical condition. In the first place practiced users do not feel the need to visit the Second House of Sweden. The place of similar purpose perished long ago in Japan.

The biggest characteristic of Second Life is free.  The people find one of the play of enormous kinds at will and are scattered.

I enjoy role playing in fought Olds AFB by vice system now. Therefore I come across various events every day.

Because cold war era was simulated, missiles are used many for the fight here.  One of a few jet pilots with  NATO,Nels flew in P-51. I intercepted him by my Mig29. The P-51 is fast unexpectedly. I used the missile then because a helicopter of NATO broke into the same area. When I was careless, P-51 of Nels shot a precise gun to my mig and damaged my Mig. I shot down P-51 by my missiles after all.

He came over with a helicopter of a little while ago on a jet this time. However, we intercepted them this time in three Migs. I shot him down again.

He was dissatisfied with the battle using the missile. However, the fight without the missile is not a fight of the cold war era. He told me to leave Olds. Because he was an excellent pilot of a little NATO, it is very disappointing. Probably he will show a special feature by the fight that simulated World War II. I asked the cool guy of Texas to teach me the battle with the reciprocating airplane.

I just talked about the part of my SL life. However, I really get experience of the several times every day in SL life. And I make friends with the people from many countries then.

Is Second Life a grave of SNS? NoiIt is the open gate to the world 🙂

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2 Responses to Ett besök på nätets kyrkogård? : A visit to the network’s cemetery?

  1. ujiyasu says:

    I and you are some lucky people who found good significance in SL.
    We cannot enjoy SL in the passive manner. Such people get tired sometime soon and will leave SL.

    The people full of imagination think SL to be able to continue 🙂

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