Blake Sea-Spyglass

A very large sea area called Blake Sea is to the east of the Nautilus continent. Second life has some continents, and this continent outskirts are areas most suitable for sailing and a voyage. Furthermore, SIMs called the USS(United Sailing Sims) is connected to the east of Blake Sea.

A solitary island called Blake sea-Spyglass is in the northeast of Blake Sea.

The north side of the island has an inlet, and there is a small pier.

The inlet is surrounded by the mountains and the south small level ground of the pier is a deep forest.

I love such a deep forest. I drink coffee while watching my PC’s monitor and can be really relaxed.

I found a small waterfall in the halfway of mountain. Black-tailed gulls call in the sky.

The view from the mountaintop of the island. Spyglass is one of the islands that is most suitable as the starting point of the sailing in Blake Sea. Or the island is good to heal fatigue here as an arrival point of sailing.

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2 Responses to Blake Sea-Spyglass

  1. Mera says:

    We have different timezones but at least i can follow your (very interesting!) blog. huggies!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Difference in time among us of 8 hours.
    However, it is not a serious obstacle between us 😀
    The Internet brought the best interchange means to us.
    We are relaxed in each home and can read the blog of each other.

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