ALLT JAG VILL HA:Everything I want


tada, Champagne & Vodka, here are the winners of challenge — Cunning Fox —

1st prize goes to Taliattitude for killing the fox 14 times. Congrats!

2nd prize is for poussinette, yay! draining the life out of the fox 10 times

3rd prize is for our Mamut and for Lisa Sizuka who each managed 5 times to kock out the fox 🙂

Mother Russia is proud of you and all who participated in the hunt.

enigmatic Eminence Enzo & Vodka villed Vita

I got rhe 3rd prize,SSR Challenge: Cunning Fox Bronze like a notice of above-mentioned group.

It was a reward from the surprising group to me. Is it a reward? The words are inappropriate. I enjoyed a game with SSR faction. I am proud that I got this bronze medal and am convinced of development of we SSR.

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