Which does Sweden belong to?

A certain man who saw I wore the uniform of the Swedish military asked me about Swedish position.

Sweden joins EU, but does not join NATO practically. And Sweden seems to express a near situation for NATO now. Sweden expressed neutrality even at the time of past Cold War.

The factions in Olds AFB imitate factions of the cold war era. I who belong to the SSR faction can have a Swedish fighter. Similarly, the NATO faction can have a Swedish fighter, too. In other words Sweden is considered to be complete neutrality in Olds AFB. It is not against a rule that I wear a Swedish uniform in SSR faction. Of course the uniform of Red Army troops exists. However, the wearing is not forced here.

Japan is considered neutral in fact here. Japan is U.S.A. and an ally practically. Japanese found a Japanese military unit in Olds AFB. Probably they think the conversation with other country people by the specialty of the language to be troublesome. Their closing practices is shown in Olds. We talk with NATO members. However, Japanese only fight. It is considerably weird… When we fight against them, we seem to totally fight against a robot weapon.

Of course, they make mutual understanding in Japanese. They seem to feel relieved in the small world only for them.

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2 Responses to Which does Sweden belong to?

  1. Mera says:

    Nice uniform! 😀

  2. ujiyasu says:

    This is the best uniform for me!! 😀

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