Ny teknik ska stoppa dödande av egna soldater : New technology will stop the killing of its soldiers

from dn.se

Using laser, the number of losses in a war where soldiers accidentally shoot their own comrades avoided.

We’ve seen it in countless war films. A shot goes off against a supposed enemy. Instead, the fall of their own soldiers to the ground, accidentally killed by friends’ bullets.

It’s not just on the screen that events like this occur. In all wars killed people inadvertently by people from their own ranks.

Two people who had experienced this, Tom Potendyk and Keith Kellogg of the United States. They own experiences was that they decided to develop equipment that will make that similar losses are avoided in the future, writes CNN.

The equipment is called DCID-TALON, dismounted Combat ID with Target Location and Navigation. The technique is the size of a postage stamp and placed in several places on the body, the soldier’s helmet or clothing. While equipped weapons with a coded laser sight.

When the laser hits the soldier reflected the coded laser back. This means that the word “friend” comes up on the gun display.

It takes a tenth of a second gun to scan by a person. The equipment can be used at least 800 feet away. The technology can also avprogrammeras to avoid the enemy will get over it.

The equipment still needs to be further developed and tested further before coming to the market. The military in Canada have expressed an interest in the product. The U.S. wants the Army has not yet decide if they are interested in using this technology.

Linnea Johansson

There were the shooting by mistake, the mistaken bombing in any battlefield in all times. It feels very sad.

The identification of an enemy or the friend is done in Olds AFB by the choice of the position team. There is not the shooting by mistake in the same team.

Vice (Vehicle & Infantry Combat Environment) is adopted in Olds AFB. According to the item of VICE Teams & Private Channels, it is written as follows.

“VICE comes with built-in support for up to 4 teams, and the ability to fight on a private combat channel, albeit the default is for the player to fight independently, on the public channel. 

Team play operates in 2 different modes: with and without friendly-fire.  When friendly-fire is disabled, it is impossible to hurt teammates with bullet-type attacks or the melee attack; however, you can still damage teammates (and yourself) with bombs and kamikaze attacks.  When friendly fire is enabled, any type of attack can damage a teammate. 
In either mode, you gain 1 point for killing an person on another team (or somebody fighting independently) but lose 2 points when killing a teammate.
By default, friendly-fire is disabled.  Friendly fire is only available on private combat channels and is designated by private channels whose channel_password is preceded by “ff”.  By this design, everybody on a player’s combat channel will have the same friendly-fire settings.”

In the case of Olds AFB, team 1 is NATO. And team 2 is SSR, and team 3 is ULF(Guerrilla). Furthermore, team 4 is considered to be ASEAN. The person belonging to no team is team 0.

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