For our team

Our SSR team repulsed a large-scale attack of NATO today. Soldiers more than 10 of NATO/The 7th marine which assumed foot soldiers the main force attacked us several degrees. We had only several members then. Rendy,Perseus and I attacked them with our fighters from the sky. And Nad killed their 10 or more in ground combat while they were preoccupied with us. Perseus killed their 10, too. Rendy prevented the counterattack of the plane of the enemy. I killed seven enemies.

Their Marine Corps did not have an effective aviation force. Each other’s score was 45:8, and we were big wins after all. We would lose if we challenged them to only ground combat. They are surely infantry units trained well.

silver wears the flight suit of the Saudi Arabian air force. Yes,he logs in from Saudi Arabia. He is a polite good guy 🙂

Syrian Nad logs in from Saudi Arabia, too.

Fraenk German next to me. We told that the world became small. And we transcend a real nation and fight for our team. Our SSR is splendid multinational force.

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