Our relaxation between fights

The Olds AFB is a battle Sims, but we don’t always fight here. The people from various countries enjoy the game of the fight in this air force base. About our faction(SSR), the members participate from Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Australia, the Netherlands etc. The chat with them of the interval of the battle is fun.

Somebody put rocking chairs. When we sat down on a rocking chair, we are relaxed. We sat down on a rocking chair in the virtual world and were able to be relaxed.

Our friends jolted on rocking chairs increase.

It seems to be a very heartwarming scene. The people be wrapped up in quietness, and we are relaxed very much though here is a virtual space. Somebody remembers own grandfather who relaxed in an edge of the eaves and stares at the far-off sky.

Or cheese becomes the topic when somebody begins to talk about wine. In spite of the silly scenery,I felt a kind of impression. We can overcome difference in time and distance in a virtual space.

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