To Old AFB again

I came back to Olds AFB after a long absence. It is similar in Olds AFB so that there is often trouble in the game of the sporting event.

I got angry at the man who attacked only me persistently. And as a result of having cursed him, I was suspended from Olds AFB.

I am still a member of team SSR. I did not fly in the sky during several months. Did my battle ability decrease? No, it did not decrease that much. I trust MiG29 of the green painting.

The evaluation of mig29 in the reality is quiet. However, Mig29 made in AMOK in SL is proud of distinguished acceleration characteristics and high speed.

It makes it possible to fight in the battle with more seniors to me on equal terms.

While I was absent in Olds, some left Olds. The loss of influential members of SSR is a great blow for SSR. A person of unification of new Olds is the person whom I do not know. And he belongs to the NATO faction.

Probably I think that Olds AFB attaches great importance to NATO faction. ” They are good guys and we are bad guys”

However, I meet Kimberly again and am glad. And TeeCee,Vitafit,Enzo,too.

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2 Responses to To Old AFB again

  1. vita says:

    awwh Lisa, huggies to you,
    my silent friend. Didnt know you were suspended from Olds. But it gave you the time to create that wonderfl blog here. Really beautiful blog. I like your selection of videos, and your texts describing our common source of sometimes joy: Olds AFB :)))
    your Vita

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Vita,welcome to my blog 😀
    I love members of SSR. First,you showed me it about SSR base.
    You are one of my most impressive SSR members.
    Let’s fight together again in AFB!!

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