Första körsbärsblomman har slagit ut i Kungsträdgården(The cherry flower is blooming in the King’s Garden)

Lars Epstein wrote it as follows on dn.se.

The cherries flower …

Royal Gardens Japanese cherry trees will soon be in full bloom. At a branch at the southeast have already first flower to bloom. Hope now just do not have time to blossom over the trees to 21 April when the Cherry Blossom Day is celebrated in the Royal park with Japanese music and song.

… Has been knocked out in the Royal park.

Flowering cherry trees had done, almost, when I visited Japan a few years ago. It did not stop Tokyo residents to celebrate in large groups in Uenoparken, I and my colleague Torbjörn was immediately invinkade in a group of around fifty people who partied in the open and generously gave us sake and snacks. There were officers on the camera company Nikon who did not care about that I had two Canon cameras hanging on her shoulders. We were equally warmly welcomed into the Community anyway. A nice memory.

Today,I visited Kamakura City for the photography of the cherry trees. The 54th Kamakura festival is held at the just present time.

Japanese divine palanquin,Mikoshi was carried on their shoulder by a large number of people and went along my front. The course is main street of Kamakura called Wakamiya Ōji.

San no Torii(The 3rd gate) is a gate of some Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū’s gates.

the dankazura (段葛), a raised pathway flanked by cherry trees which becomes gradually wider as it goes toward the sea.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū is is a Shinto shrine for samurais.

Miss Kamakura chosen newly were introduced there.


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