Japans hot: Vi ska skjuta ned missilen(Japan’s threat: We will shoot down the missile)

from dn.se

Japan will shoot down the rocket that North Korea plans to postpone next month. If it is perceived as a threat.

On Friday, North Korea fired two smaller missiles short range from a base on the coast, writes Reuters. But that’s next month’s planned launch of a rocket as North Korea carries a weather satellite to be placed in orbit around the earth that has aroused the strongest feelings among countries in the region and the U.S..

Japan said on Friday that they plan to shoot down the rocket if it passes in such a way as to be perceived as a threat to the country. Japan’s saber-rattling will probably be seen more as a political move than a real threat.

In a similar launch in April 2009 threatened Japan even when to shoot down the rocket. When the rocket also came to fly over Japan chose the Japanese authorities even though it not to shoot at it.

“We expect, however, that the rocket will pass over our territory,” said the Japanese government spokesman, Minister Osamu Fuji Mora on Friday.

North Korea has said all along that the rocket will not cross over any of its neighbors.

North Korea’s assurances that it is a satellite launch is questioned by several countries, including South Korea and the United States. They believe that the launch is actually a cover for an additional test of North Korea’s long-range missiles.

Although China has criticized the launch, scheduled to take place between 12 and 16 April.


The Japanese Government held the Security Council on 30th,and the Council decided the shooting down of the North Korean rocket when it fall to Japan. The Minister of Defense announced an  ballistic-missile shoot-down order with it.

Three destroyers which have Aegis Combat System unfolded to the Japanese peripheral sea area. JDS Kirishima (DDG-174) of the Marine Self Defense Force departed from Yokosuka base and went to the East China Sea. JDS Myōkō (DDG-175) departs from Manazuru and waits in the Sea of Japan. And A departs from Manazuru and waits in the Sea of Japan. And JDS Chōkai (DDG-176)departed from Sasebo and went to the East China Sea,too.

On the other hand, the Air Self-Defense Force has begun to present MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3s  again. 6Air Defence Missile Groups(Regiment scale) have PAC-3s.

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