At a var in Yokohama


On the night of Saturday, I ate with my friends at a var in Yokohama. It was rainy unfortunately on that day. However, I and my friends were able to spend splendid night there. It is “mitt liv är mitt ” definitely. It is Spanish-style var like a tavern. Spanish bars are also known for serving a wide range of sandwiches (bocadillos), as well as snacks called tapas or pinchos. We toasted it with Spanish beer first. The left is Garlic French fries with Anchovy. The right is Assorted pickles and the olives.

Jamón Ibérico( Iberian ham).

One of my friends has lived in Spain. He looked at these dishes with nostalgia. Each has the memory of splendid one’s dish.

My favorite is gambas al ajillo .

Paella. This is one of the Spanish food attracting most in Japan.

We drank up three winebottles after all. We drank beer and red wine in large quantities. I spent the best weekend with my best friends 🙂

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