In this situation Japan fails three years later

Tadashi Yanai,The founder and president of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. sounded an alarm bell about the present Japanese government. He is the most successful one among current Japanese industrialists.

The Sankei Shimbun asked him about the Japanese present conditions.

How do you think about an action of the government about 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami?

“The reaction of the government is the worst. The government should not force victims to the lowest life.The government cannot return them to normal life. In the current administration, nothing can realize the demand of citizens.Only NPOs and local governments are helpful for Japan.”

The government declared convergence of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

“None of citizens thinks so. The government must make government oneself about the crisis and responsibility of Tokyo Electric Power Company. It is a Japanese bad habit to want to evade responsibility. The evasion of the responsibility causes a chain of the failure.”

An argument about the securing of energy of Japan is continuing.

“Japan does not have a strategic thought. The worst situation is continuation of the economy in power consumption without the substitute means of the nuclear power generation. I am against nuclear power generation, but the government can decide nothing about the alternative plan.”

Do you object to re-operation of the nuclear power generation?

“They should examine the survey by research institute from the foreign countries if the government wants to operate nuclear power generation again. It is illogical that the person concerned of the crisis investigates. Who trusts such a report?”

Citizens chose the existing political party in the election three years ago.

“The current administration does the thing that is completely opposite to the successful front. They are groups of complete liars.They destroy Japan in another three years.”


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