Uniform of Swedish Armed Forces 4

We see a shield-shaped emblem to the left arm of soldiers training in the Stockholm city. The emblem expresses that they belong to Livgardet(Life Guards).

Flash in textiles should generally provide for the same emblem as the duty station sign out the uniform system m/87 (m/48).

Emblem of the unit badge designed in black (accent colors in gray) on a green background (the naval costume yellow on blue background). Normal format in a shield-shaped unit badge is 55-60mm wide and about 65-70mm height.

Any additional texts designed as a line of text (in arc or straight) descriptive of war or militia dressing Alternatively, the device in the clear (in capital letters and defined LETTER in Swedish) in black (yellow) the green (blue) background with black (blue) border.

Organizational unit may exceptionally be allowed to use their heraldic arms in a simplified form of coloring described above.

  • Flash of textiles (additional text) may be worn 6 mm below the national character or the bottom of the Velcro on the left sleeve jackets in battle uniform system.
  • Only one unit badge along with additional language in the form of an arc (over or under the service mark) may be worn
  • As uniforms with Velcro comes to dressing characters in fabric with Velcro used for mounting to the uniform. Given the limited area thus deleted supplementary texts in most cases.


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