Uniform of Swedish Armed Forces 3

A9(Artilleriregementet) is the only peace time artillery regiment of the Swedish Army. And Öv Torbjörn Larsson was a then regiment commander. Watch his right collar.

It is the collar badge expressing the branch of the military which each officer belongs to. Therefore, we can recognize that he is Colonel artillery by paying attention to his both collars.

Armed Branch Signs woven into the bronze color of the collars m/58 worn on the right wing (from the carrier sense) or OR-1, on both kragsnibbarna to field jacket 90 (P, helicopter). Army signs built in the army of recruits and those who lack their own troop types, union or professional character.

Team Impact Signs woven into collars m/58 carried by military personnel on the right kragsnibb (from the carrier seen) or OR-1 on both kragsnibbarna on field jacket 90 (P, H).

  • officer cadet wearing military type characters or armed service mark under head of organizational unit controlling
  • the equitable regulation officer appointed as an officer and carrying out the agreed services in the Home Guard has the right to wear his own past military type characters

Mechanised units, infantry: LG/inf(Livgardet  The Life Guards) and I 19 stab(Norrbottens regemente Norrbotten Regiment)

Cavalry units : LG/kav(Livgardet  The Life Guards), K 3(Livregementets husarer, Kavalleri 3 Life Guard Regiment Hussars, 3rd Cavalry) and I 19/AJB(Norrbottens regemente/Arméns Jägarbataljon Norrbotten Regiment/Jaeger battalion)

Mechanised units,  armour : I 19(Norrbottens regemente Norrbotten Regiment), P 4(Skaraborgs regemente Skaraborg Regiment) and P 7(Södra skånska regementet South Scania Regiment)

Artillery units : A 9(Artilleriregemente Artilleryregiment)

Air defense units : Lv 6(Luftvärnsregemente Air defence regiment)

Engineering unit : Ing 2(Göta ingenjörregemente Götaland Engineer Regiment) och SWEDEC(Swedish EOD and Demining Centre)

Command and control units : LedR(Ledningsregementet Command and control and army electronic warfar center)

Maintenance and logistics  units : TrängR(Trängregemente Logistic regiment)

The Home Guard : Home Guard with national protective forces

Those character woven into collars m/58 worn on the right kragsnibb (viewed from the wearer) or of the OR-1 in both kragsnibbarna on field jacket 90 (P HKP) by: • Military personnel on their position in the respective discipline (profession) • civilian workers at the service of military positions in the respective discipline (profession) • the equitable regulation officer appointed as an officer and carrying out service in the Home Guard is entitled to carry his own earlier trade marks







Field Artist


Counseling Human

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