DN-photographer praised in major international competitions

from DN.se 

DN’s Lars Lindqvist has won a prize in World Press Photo 2012, the world’s largest competition for press photography. This is a picture of his reports from Japan, one month after last year’s tsunami.

“It’s great fun. Unbelievable. The price is very big and important. I have won it once before for a story I did for the DN from the Georgia-war 2008th After the bell rang newspapers from around the world that they wanted me to photograph them.” Lars Lindqvist said.

5247 photographers from 124 countries had submitted a total of 101 254 pictures to the World Press Photo 2012th The images competed in nine categories and Lars Lindqvist was one of 56 award-winning photographers – 2nd prize in the category “General News” for his picture of a passing car with beached boats in the background.

“Me and DN’s Asia correspondent Torbjörn Petersson was in Japan for the second time, a month after the tsunami, for to try to document and describe what had happened. Alongside news jobs, I had the assignment to do a photo reportage for DN World.” Lars Lindqvist said.

Just the winning picture came about when he and Peterson met with fishermen in Ishinomaki, north of Fukushima, where tons of fish just lying in a heap on the quay. Lars Lindqvist says that he saw the stranded boats far away and realized that they could be the starting point for a good story picture.

“It looked crazy, but it was difficult to get into the picture is good, so I stood there for a while. Eventually that car with the woman looking out the window. There is something in her expression and the driver who only glimpsed. She’s sort of picture’s main focus and so the boats in the background … it will be something exciting in between.”


The revival of the stricken area by 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami is still halfway. About the administrative work after the East Japan great earthquake disaster, it was recognized that approximately 80% of the Sendai citizen had dissatisfaction toward the country. At last Reconstruction Agency was established this month. The political administration of the current Japanese ruling party/Democratic Party of Japan is poor. They do only an internal clash.

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