Uniform of Swedish Armed Forces 1

The uniforms of Swedish Armed Forces is the unknown world for me. Therefore I read Swedish Armed Forces(Official site)”The Uniform“.

Armed Forces of different uniforms are assembled and worn under uniform rules for the Armed Forces. The instructions apply to all personnel who carry the Armed Forces uniforms.

Armed Forces’ uniforms are the trappings of belonging to the Armed Forces and its various organizational units.

General requirements for a well-kept and proper attire must be exercised by the Armed Forces uniformed personnel. Being properly dressed in the various missions is a matter of course. The uniform should be clean and tidy and otherwise groomed. Footwear should be trimmed, buttons must be buttoned and zippers should be drawn.

The wearing of uniform of the Armed Forces is regulated in regulations issued by the government. The following Regulations governing the Armed Forces’ uniforms: SFS 1996:927, FFS 1997:2, 1997:3 and 1998:1.

Briefly, these provisions will

  • Military personnel and civilian staff serving in the Guard or monitoring service will wear a uniform in service.
  • Civil servant, in addition to serving in the Guard or monitoring service, to wear civilian dress or service uniform when it is especially appropriate.
  • Head of organizational unit may waive the requirement of uniform, if there are special reasons for it.
  • Uniforms consist of established uniform storage facilities and related service marks.
  • Staff Characters are badges of rank, service group signs, service location signs, educational signs, trade signs, professional signs, mice badges, uniform buttons, badges and armbands and more.


Names of uniforms in Swedish and English are described in Grunder(Basics).

Stridsuniformer(Field service uniforms)

Fältstridsdräkt(Combat uniform)

Sjöstridsdräkt(Naval combat dress)

Flygstridsdräkt(Flight suit)

Arbetsuniformer(Service dress/duty uniform)

Daglig dräkt(Service dress uniform)

Vardagsdräkt(Duty uniform)

Grön arbetsdräkt/Blå arbetsdräkt(Duty uniform)

Daglig dräkt m/87 Vit /Kaki(Tropical dress uniform)

Paraduniformer(Ceremonial uniforms)

Högtidsdräkt (ofta med sidogevär för officer internationellt)(Service dress blues)

Trupparaddräkt(Regimental uniform with leather (No 2 dress))

Fältparaddräkt(Battle dress with leather)

Sjöparaddräkt(Naval combat dress with leather)

Sällskapsuniformer(Mess dress, mess kit)

Stor mässdräkt(Mess dress)

Liten mässdräkt(Mess dress, blues)

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  1. Mera says:

    oh u have a swedish uniform! You know more about Sweden than i do 🙂

  2. Mera says:

    Ds I saw you have the wrong adress to my blog. The new one is this: http://eternalmetaverse.wordpress.com/

    You can remove Mer eller mindre Kranfel, its closed.
    (we need to meet inworld some day again! 🙂


  3. ujiyasu says:

    Oh,I must do link to your official blog.
    Plz wait. I came home in the middle of the night.
    I must give priority to that I sleep.
    I look forward to meeting you 🙂

  4. Mera says:

    yes sleep is of most importance! =) xxxx

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