Our battle 2012.01.21

I did tp to listen to a support request from Pedro to SSR base. He thought that he was attacked by NATO. However, it was proved to be a ULF pilot when I asked the name of the assailant. They are Japanese troop. The member who is not a Japanese is just slightly included. However, they usually talk in Japanese. Because they speak the Japanese spoken language that collapsed,their Japanese is not translated well. It is difficult for non-Japanese to continue remaining in ULF.

On the other hand, SSR is multinational force. U.S. U.K. Irelamd,Germany,Netherlands,Switzerland,Hungary,Portugal,Peru,China,Norway,… from so many countries.

I can talk with many coutry’s people in SSR base. And we support it each other. There are several advantages of SSR faction/NATO faction being a multinational corps.

But I were being followed by some ULF pilots. When I did an aerial dogfight for flying Tigers,a ULF jet aimed me, taking advantage of the confusion. They continue still having hatred to me. When it was attacked once by them, I have excluded armament. Then their Admin criticized my disarmament. They came to attack me as soon as I stopped disarmament. Their attack to me is beyond the category of the game.

However, the battle in SL is not an easy thing. Flying Tigers attacked us today in favor of NATO. They attack me in a majority. It was not a characteristic of a thing only of ULF to attack a few in a majority. Flying Tigers is a relatively known battle group in SL. As for what confronted large number of Flying Tigers, there was only Enzo with me. Enzo shot down 11 in the situation that was predominantly disadvantageous to us.

He right deserves ace.

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