I hate ULF Japanese

When I fought against NATO, ULF cut in. The Japanese 2F-14s aimed at me. I turned off vice immediately. They are tenacious. I come to Olds to enjoy a game. However, the Japanese of ULF seem to find significance in murdering me. They are narrow-minded.

Boonie of ULF is IM to me afterwards.

“do you want to kill?”

I had a sad feeling. She wanted to pass SIM of SSR. She should have thought that I attacked her by all means. I said her that you are safety. She does not know why I moved from ULF to SSR.

I only think sone members of ULF to be a problem. It is a core member of ultranationalism-like ULF. Ihate them.

I knew the Japanese terror  in here.

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