I often ride on Yak-130 recently. This jet trainer or light attacker is very cheap, and is pretty in small size. It seems to be weaker than an high-performance fighter  at a glance.

However, this has performance not to be able to make light of. The small body lowers hit probability and fired machine gun bullets emit light well, and the confirmation of the trajectory is easy. Unexpectedly powerful air-to-air missile missiles chase enemy planes well.

A is equipped with the air-to-ground missile and the rocket bombs, and the ground attack is possible, too. They are enough to fight against a ground troop of NATO.

I shot down some F-14s and F-18s by Yak-130. However, Yak-130 does not match an enemy using the tactics such as ULF. They fly flat out. And they repeat immediate slowdown and a short turn with a pneumatic brake. It is totally different from the real aerial dogfight. Yak -130 is disadvantageous to their forced tactics.

When I must fight against them, I use MIG-29. It is the battle that is not fun at all. It is because I fight against them with the same tactics then.

When I fight other than them, Yak-130 is jet to be able to enjoy very much.

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