Sterile fight

I ignored the battle with ULF. Most of them did not do an attack to me, too. However, Vincnet attacks me frequently. I turn off vice then, but it is impossible during a battle with NATO.

I was shot down several times by Vincnet. ULF,the black sheeps cuts in SSR and the battle between NATO… Though Vincnet hurled itself at me of the demilitarization, I was disgusted. It is not a foul only for him in fact.  A certain Japanese pilot is its habitual offender.

When Vincnet destroyed my anticraft tank, I intercepted him in indignation. After a very severe aerial dogfight, I shot him down. However, the outskirts were filled with fighters of ULF then. I got away.

ULF came flying afterwards to threaten me. They like F-14s strangely. However, it is not a great menace. Even if we fight against ULF, we are not fun. Much NATO members agree to it, too.

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