Am I a betrayer?

After I moved from ULF to SSR, the target of ULF pilots is me. They take off as soon as they sense my flight. I am a betrayer for them.

Most of members of ULF are Japanese people and are a Japanese team substantially. They unite and attack me. When I fly, they come by all means.

By difference in time, I log in in time same as members of ULF. It always means that I fight in the situation that a lot of Japanese people log in to.

I flew alone last night. Several ULF fighters attacked me immediately. Because MaVo which belonged to the NATO faction supported me,I and MaVo fought for a long time.

A method to avoid the battle with them is to change the time when I log in.


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4 Responses to Am I a betrayer?

  1. Mera says:

    You seems to have a drama high up in the sky? Take care! huggss

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes, Olds AFB is a role playing area of the battles 😀
    Plural administrators witnessed a concentrated attack to me by ULF.
    The administrators may support it to me during my flight.
    I enjoy role playing in Olds AFB. The excessive concentrated attack to me is not fun.


  3. ujiyasu says:

    When I fly, I am attacked on a fighter of specific ULF persistently 😦
    When I escape, it chases me…
    It targets only me clearly.

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