Japanska lunchlådor(Japanese lunch boxes)

Bento is  japananska?( Japanese) for lunch box.

Packed in a small box (from dn.se)

Jag vete sjutton hur det går till(How is it translated?),but even something as trivial as lunch boxes succeed the Japanese transform into something exciting and aesthetically.

You have probably heard the word bento. The term is simply the lunch box and is a big deal in Japan – or rather many small things. Every day millions are eaten bento in Japanese workplaces. No wonder that it has developed a whole culture around the phenomenon, with specially designed boxes, some blatant plastics, other precious and sober woodcarvers.

Either the box is needed in the home, or buy ready-bento in the stores, usually in disposable containers of plastic. Usually a bento some sort sovel, thus protein such as fish, seafood or meat that is flanked by rice and various vegetable supplies. And no sauce. The aim is that the food should not be too mixed, so that there be a single goo. Therefore, many of the drawers dividers so that each edibility ports in a separate compartment. In addition, we want it to be as fresh as possible, although it has been made in advance.

The word bento (or Obento as it is also called) meant originally “comfortable” or practical, and already in the 1500s they used these small drawers for food. In recent years, bentonite has spread outside Japan, especially in the U.S., but also in Sweden.

Box measurement is eaten with chopsticks, of course, and often contain little naive decorations like flowers of cucumber or radish. When it made ​​bento for kids, it happens that cooking machine makes small figures in rice can imagine such a chicken, a snowman, a panda or a cat.

It is understood that a MAKE SWEDISH bento, for example, potato salad instead of rice, and Swedish pickles and meat or fish. Gravlax, smoked salmon, räkröror(shrimp hash) , roast beef or cold meat balls would fit. But a degree of elegance and variety have to, otherwise you’re just a regular, sloppy lunch box.

I’ve made ​​the right free interpretations of the bento, but retained a Japanese root. I have collected a number of recipes and also suggests several ways to combine. But do not forget, bento is free cooking. It is only you who decides what is right and good. Hip, improvising and tasting!

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6 Responses to Japanska lunchlådor(Japanese lunch boxes)

  1. Mera says:

    How amazing! To make a lunch box so beautyful and the food looks delicious. I wish my lunchboxes looked that way but far from it….The interpretation to swedish was excellent 🙂


  2. ujiyasu says:

    Tack så mycket,Mera 🙂
    Min matlåda är inte lyxigt. Men det är billigt, och balans av näring är bra.
    Mera,hur är “Jag vete sjutton hur det går till” översatt till engelska?

  3. Mera Kranfel says:

    Translate; “I haven´t a clue how it works” :))

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Oh,I was not able to hit on the translation.
    I thought vete to be corn. And sjutton to be seventeen…
    However, vete should be a verb.
    My poor Swedish understanding cannot solve the question. lol,

  5. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,I see 🙂
    Thank you for your appropriate explanation!

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