I use many Su-27 by Tig in Olds AFB. The shape is very elegant and is like the big waterfowl. The reason why I liked this is not only the shape. This Su-27 has very superior turning characteristics. Only the plane of a standard based on to the planes which AMOK, the sponsor of Olds AFB produces can fly in Olds. As for the planes by Tig, a flight there is authorized.

And, in texture of this Su-27, modify is possible. Therefore, I drew to the tail assembly the municipal emblem of Lund and  the name of my sub avater.

The thrust of Su-27 is very big. My Su-27  takes off at high speed.  The flight at the ultraspeed must make drawing environment low level.

Unfortunately NATO faction had doubt about Su-27. About the turning performance that Su-27 is too strong as for it. However, they have F-22 superior in turning characteristics, too. Members of we ULF cannot ride on it.

In Su-27, specifications are made to fall in the near future. However, NATO will just ride on their F-22. I think it to be slightly unfair. However, our complaint is not considered very much. The greatest customer of AMOK is NATO faction.

ULF must fight by plane limited by the improvement of the flight technology. It is fate of ULF.

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