Aerial dogfight training of ULF

Watch this excellent video clip by all means.

NATO faction and the SSR faction can use the latest weapon. However, ULF must use the old weapon before 1980. ULF is disadvantageous in the performance of the weapon. ULF must surpass other factions with aerial dogfight ability.

Fortunately, ULF has outstanding pilots in Olds AFB. Robin,Seitarow,skyz are top-level pilots. And mutual understanding is perfect with me because they are Japanese. However, ULF is not the faction only for Japanese.  The admin of Olds,discman is a protector of ULF. He is the umpire who legitimate, is fair.

The video clip that skyz uploaded in Youtube proves his projecting ability. We sometimes perform the aerial dogfight training without the missile. The overconfidence to a missile does not raise aerial dogfight ability. The latest weapon is strong. However, it is not personal strength. ULF demands true strength.

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