A-4 Skyhawk and  F-16 can take a test ride in ULF. I purchase an F-16 separately and fly. It is the painted F-16 which is special for ULF

The F-16 by AMOK was released at relatively early time. However, it does not have inferiority than latest F-22. Superior mobility and the various armament are valuable for ULF which cannot have the latest fighter.

ULF is a faction established under the sponsorship of the owner of AMOK,Aeon Voom. In the faction, it is expected activation of Olds AFB Sims of AMOK. Therefore, in ULF, it is accepted the original exclusive painting.

There are many Japanese members in ULF. However, ULF is not a Japanese-limited faction.

Canadian Seren overwhelms Olds sky by her elegant white Su. She who is quiet is usually the pilot who is tough for NATO and SSR faction.

And discman from Netherlands is reliable Admin.

I fly by my F-16 with them every day.


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