Is the aerial dogfight in SL bad?

I did not write to this blog an article during last week. And the upload of the image takes time very much when I was going to just write an article. Probably it is a server error. During last week, I was devoted to an aerial dogfight in Olds AFB in SL.

War? It’s a kind of sports in SL. SL still has dynamic much limitation. SL does not lead to the embodiment of general sports.

Nobody is really killed in an aerial dogfight in SL. And each team is multinational force.

Actually, I was about to get tired of SL recently. However, the participation to ULF seemed to let me activate again. I can obtain the alternating current with many friends and people there. We have a pleasant chat with a play team.

I remember the news of disgusting terrorism in Oslo. I strongly object to real war and terrorism. The aerial dogfight in my SL is unrelated to them.

Ahh,I want to play it if tennis is possible in SL.

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2 Responses to Is the aerial dogfight in SL bad?

  1. Mera says:

    how´s your horses doing!? i heard rumors there would be problem with food!;

    hope you are ok! Hugsss!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes,paid food is necessary for the breeding of the Amaretto horse. It is like a kind of maintenance cost. And I heard that it was already reconciled with each other about a matter of their suit.

    The horses in my SL are cheerful 🙂

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