Norway mourns terror tragedy

from Verdens Gang

Thousands gather in Oslo’s streets and put down flowers. On Facebook, many records Nordahl Grieg’s quote. Many people are affected and all of Norway is in mourning.

Everywhere in the city center people congregate Saturday. Most are perhaps outside Oslo Cathedral. While the church minister Rigmor Asrud light candles, flowing more and more and put flowers outside.

“Peaceful North Europe”

Terrorism that was totally unsuitable for the image happened. A Norwegian murdered Norwegian people in large quantities. Terrorism is not a special case now. It happens all over the world. However, terrorism was considered that there extremely few it in North Europe.

The non-generosity increases in the world. It escalates hatred.

The world globalization gave a benefit to us. And it has many problems at the same time. The solution to those problems may be difficult. However, terrorism is the most wicked action. It solves nothing.

The world must accord for the extermination of terrorism.

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2 Responses to Norway mourns terror tragedy

  1. Mera says:

    Yes this is so sad :´(

  2. ujiyasu says:

    The hatred solves nothing…
    It only gains hatred and sorrow more
    My deepest sympathy to Norwegian people.


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