Japan vann finalen på straffar / Japan won the final on penalties

from dn,se

World Cup final between Pia Sundhages U.S. and upstart Japan was a cliffhanger that was decided on penalty kicks. Saki Kumagai put the crucial penalty, since U.S. missed several. Japan crashed and won the World Cup.

Pia Sund Hage took over as coach for 2008, and began to lead the U.S. to an Olympic gold in Beijing. She came to Germany to also win the World Cup with the U.S., which “only” got bronze in the last two World Cup tournaments. But the plans were disrupted by Japan, as in the previous World Cup never reached further than a quarter-1995th.

United started strongly. Abby Wambach shot in the bar after half an hour. But after Japan had more control and more seizures. Pia Sund Hage was dissatisfied several times. She shouted out orders and dropped out of frustration.

After the break was replaced Cheney by U.S. troops youngest player, 21-year-old Alex Morgan, who is the teammate with Caroline Seger in Western New York. Morgan has been identified as a future star, but did not play from start to any World Cup match.

In the 69th minute by beating Alex Morgan. She ran in from a back and shot 1-0 at the far post. After the saw Pia Sund Hage calmer, even though she often stood as close to plan as she could in the trainer’s zone on the bench.

But in the 81st minute went Sund Hage with heavy steps and sat down. She had just seen how the U.S. central defense did not get the ball away after a low post. Aya Miyama popped up and struck up 1-1.

To have Alex Morgan next to 31-year-old Abby Wambach in the attack proved to be a good move. In the extended 14 minutes nodded Wambach set 2-1, her fourth goal of the tournament, on a post from Morgan.

But Japan was not calculated. With three minutes left of the extension joins the star Homare Sawa up 2-2 on a corner – her fifth goal in the World Cup.

In injury time was Morgan on his way towards goal, but was convicted of Azusa Iwashimizu, who received a red card.

And when the United States missed their first three penalties during the shootout could decide Japan.

Japanese players played games with players of Germany,Sweden and U.S which were high height . They are nicknamed Dianthus in Japan.

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