Oansvarigt anmärkning av den japanska premiärministern : Irresponsible remark of the Japanese prime minister

from dn.se

Japanese Prime Minister envisions a future where the country is switching tracks in their energy supply. “We aim to achieve a society can do without nuclear power,” said Prime Minister Naoto Kan in Japanese television on Wednesday, four months after the accidents in the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

It was on 11 March Fukushima plant broke down, after the northeastern Japan suffered a powerful earthquake and tsunami. To this day, continue to plant in Fukushima to leak radiation.

Public opinion in Japan since March has grown ever stronger against nuclear power – an energy source before Fukushima disaster accounted for 30 percent of its electricity. The goal was to increase the proportion to over 50 percent within twenty years.

Naoto Kan has previously said that the goal should be scrapped. On Wednesday he went one step further in a television appearance.

“We aim to achieve a society can do without nuclear power.

 The Japanese Prime Minister said  according to the BBC.

Instead, Japan to develop energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass, explained Will, who added that it was premature to set a timetable for the project. According to the Prime Minister should energy conservation be another cornerstone for the future of Japanese energy policy.

In June, the nuclear power for 18 percent of Japan’s energy supply, and only 19 of the country’s 54 nuclear reactors are currently operating.

The remark of the Japanese prime minister is considered to be an official Japanese policy. However, many Japanese citizens have a trouble and perplexity about it. As for the existing prime minister, Japanese citizens do not have popularity.  He is egocentric and is emotional, and anyone knows that he tells a lie.

He is considered to be the worst prime minister in several decades recently in Japan. He talks on a whim. As a result, Japanese citizens are swung around by him. He is originally the person who is the unsuitable for the prime minister. He was only left wing activist formerly.

The Democratic Party which placed him as the prime minister is equally punishable. This left wing twists democracy remarkably.

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