Too Hot

I fight with enormous my laundry at night on weekdays. It is hot, and I must change my clothes many times during one day filled with moisture.

The sweat is hard to dry in high humidity. Because the clothes are getting wet, they are very unpleasant. Many Japanese enjoy summer, but I’m not fun.

I watch dreams well  that I return to the North Japan. However, it is impossible in reality. There are too few jobs there.

I put my avatar in the cool place in SL. I am relaxed in my room which I kept at 23 degrees Celsius while watching it. However, my Japanese friend says to me.

“You cool too much your room. Keep room temperature 28 degrees Celsius.”

No!! I cannot be relaxed at the room temperature 😦

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2 Responses to Too Hot

  1. Kranfel says:

    Sorry its too hot for you. But your sim is beautyful. It looks very scandinavian ❤

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you!! My SIM is my first and projection of the second hometown.
    It is a quiet place cool both.


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