Talk in English

“wanna race”

My friend of  Miami sometimes says to me by IM.

“Do you want to race with me?”

Probably he says so to me. I don’t understand the spoken language in U.S.A. well. Of course all of American friends doesn’t talk in the spoken language to me. Many American friends use the simple expression for me.

I went to a circuit with him. And my car is pink 2seeter.

He rezed his car which seemed to be powerful. However, his car plunges into the wall and…

Does he want to move the wall? However, our competition is cancellation. My pink car runs comfortably 🙂

I met iris in the evening. She is a pure Japanese woman. She likes writing.  She writes a delicate novel in Japanese in her blog. And watch her avatar. Her figure resembles a Japanese woman closely very much. Most Japanese avatars for women are like the character of the animated cartoon. However, she is different.

I suggested to her to sometimes write her blog in English. It makes her world wide by all means. Watch my poor English blog. English may lose its nerve for a Japanese very much. However, there is not the progress without speaking English.

I got wonderful friends by writing my blog in English 🙂

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