Soba Noodle

The meal which is warm in a hot country is edible. For example, like curry in India. The summer of Tokyo is very hot, too. I cannot eat a hot meal in summer. The Japanese severe high humidity disturbs the emission of my body temperature. When I had a hot meal, my body temperature rises and is hard.

Therefore, I eat a cold dish mainly in summer. Soba noodle is edible in a Japanese cold meal easily. What is soba noodle?

It’s a Japanese unique noodles dish. Please refer to Soba(English or Deutsch). There are hot soba and cold soba in soba noodle. I eat cold soba in the summer.

It’s a very simple meal. However, the dipping sauce spends very long time and is made. Soba is nice and smooth. As for me, an appetite declined by heat, but the soba is edible. As for me, only soba is enough for summer lunch. Probably I must get thinner in this summer. I’m made to be worn out very much in summer in Japan.

Soba is traditionally considered acceptable to slurp the noodles noisily. Many old Japanese men say that it is manners. However, I do not think so. Modern Japanese women thereby avoid that clothes are stained. It is rather vulgar now.

The old Japanese are blinders of the food culture in Japan…

In any case,soba is a healthy meal included high quality vegetable protein .

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6 Responses to Soba Noodle

  1. Kranfel says:

    Its hot and very humid in Sweden too right now! Hope this will comfort you =))


  2. ujiyasu says:

    Is Sweden hot and humid likewise, too? The highest temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius every day in Tokyo 😦

    I must change my clothes frequently. As a result, a heap of laundry was made in my house…


  3. Aika says:

    I need to find a Japanese snack bar and then I taste the noodles. 🙂

    We had last week, about 30 ° C, but now under 20 ° C.
    Want to have some cold German air? I pack it into a packet and send it to you via parcel service. 😀

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Oh! Please send German cool air to me :)I am totally a feeling such as the boiled egg.

    Some good restaurants of Japan seem to be in Berlin 🙂

  5. Aika says:

    The weather forecast says Wednesday 30 ° C. I think I still need the cold air.
    But I’ll send you an ice cube:)

    I’m looking for a Japanese restaurant and then I’ll get a lot of soba Nuddeln ^ ^

  6. ujiyasu says:

    In Yokohama, the highest temperature was 31 degrees Celsius. In addition the humidity is 78%. This is the environment that is very unpleasant for me 😦

    The air which I longed for which was sent by Aika. The air which I associated like that is pervasive in my room. But it is supplied by an air-conditioner 🙂

    Aika,the Japanese meal which is popular with overseas people seems to be sushi, tempura, ramen and curry and rice.

    There is a way to choose one in them if you try a Japanese meal 🙂

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