Japansk popstjärna visade sig vara digital / Japanese pop star turned out to be digital

from DN.se

She was too perfect to be true. Aimi Eguchi, member of Japanese pop group AKB48, has been revealed as fictional character, created in the computer with features borrowed from other members of the popular big band.

AKB48 said to have a total of 58 members, thus regarded as the world’s richest member group, according to the Guinness Book of Records (now reasonably reduced to 57 members). Despite the number of members as the group’s fans have been super-aware of the mess, according to a report on the news television channel Sky News website.

It was written by Sky fans who became suspicious of Aimi Eguchi.

It must have taken place when the relative newcomers star was highlighted as cover girl for a Popsicle campaign group, engaged to. Such an important task should not be given to such AKB48-Cubs, according to the fans.

To Aimi Eguchi also in appearance reminded some of the other members also raised suspicions.

And right they were, they devote followers. Newly confirmed AKB48’s manager that Miss Eguchi is an animated creature, frammejslad(?) the computer with features borrowed from the six “best looking” existing members.

When Aimi Eguchi Presented as a group member described her as an ordinary 16-year-old from Saitama, a town just north of Tokyo, with a lively Interest in athletics.

The fictitious “Avatar landscape” in spite of the Eguchi still a tab on AKB48’s website where, among other things, knowing that she is – now – is nonexistent.

I don’t know how Sweden recognizes it about a music market of Japan. Probably most Swedish people may not be interested about Japanese music. I read the comment of readers.

There are some person knowing AKB48 in Sweden. There is the person thinking that all the Japanese faces are the same.

The existence of a digital composed virtual person is not rare in a movie now. And a virtual  entertainer  already exists in Japan. The same phenomena may increase in the music market of Japan so that we handle one’s avater in the virtual world.


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2 Responses to Japansk popstjärna visade sig vara digital / Japanese pop star turned out to be digital

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    This is very interesting indeed…. So much easier to handle a fiction popstar. This is not the last one im sure. Ty i didnt see this news in sweden *hugs*

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Primarily I like Swedish music.All the music sung in Swedish attracts me. I like sounds of Swedish. Swedish singers often sing in English. It is necessary for their business.

    Jag älskar svenska!!

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