A Norwegian-Japanese


from Sankei News

A Norwegian-Japanese presenter,Mona Yamamoto left Japanese entertainment world. She was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1976. Her Norwegian father went back to Norway where it was about time when she was young. And her mother is a Japanese.

Her real name is Mona Hegdal. However, the Japanese grandmother disliked the Norwegian name. Her stage name was changed because of obstinate Japanese nature of the locality by the name that a Japanese was easy to pronounce after all.

She began work as TV announcer. However, the behavior and the appearance that were different from her Japanese might not necessarily make her happy. She was often performed bashing of and was peeped out of curiosity.

When an owner of the appearance that was different from a pure Japanese speaks Japanese, it is often exposed to the attacks from a Japanese. It is similar that I canceled Japanese use with this blog.

It is escaped from Japanese heartless booing as far as I speak English. The Japanese wants to really speak only Japanese.

Mona may feel relieved in future.

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2 Responses to A Norwegian-Japanese

  1. iris Gabe says:

    Thank you for today’s many nice advices.
    I was encouraged so much ^^
    Let’s enjoy both real and virtual life with our own styles.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    We respect each other.
    And it expands the world of your own that you speak in English 🙂

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