My hateful cold

I caught summer cold.  A fat man,Co-worker of my work infect me with bad cold. He is the pest for me 😦

He cannot do much work. And he seemed to be infected with a cold at a bar. It’s difficult to get rid of a summer cold.

I took a rest from my work to prevent a spread of a cold. I feel sluggish.

I talked with Aika before sleeping early. I’m absentminded by medicine. She performed a joke and made me laugh 🙂

Thank you,Aika.

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4 Responses to My hateful cold

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    Sorry to hear! I hope you feel better now! Hugs

  2. ujiyasu says:


    It is difficult to get rid of a summer cold. I thought that my cold was cured and went to work this morning.

    However, as for me, a symptom of a cold turned worse again at noon. I came home at night, and the symptom of my cold went out. This is a strange cold…


  3. Aika says:

    Unfortunately I can not make more than trying to make you laugh.

    Distant Healing (nearly 9000 km): D

    I hope that you’re doing better soon

  4. ujiyasu says:

    My physical condition became considerably good 🙂
    And I take medicine sometimes.

    We are braving our long distance 😀

    Thank you,Aika 🙂

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