Her name is Aika. She is from german.

There is usually our friends around us. However, SL overcomes far-off distance. SL transcends different country, different area, them and can get friends.

Can you make friends with the people of the different country? It is easy.

If there are little generosity and permission to misunderstanding, anyone is a friend. And they are close friends if you assume a conversation to forget progress of the time somebody.

And I made friends with Aika. Our English is not good. However, it has no problem. We confirm it mutually and deepen understanding.


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17 Responses to Aika

  1. This is the best with Virtual Worldz, meeting different people! Like you =)

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Ja,det är riktigt.
    Den virtuella världen förkortas våra avstånd.
    Alltså är vi delar samma värld i det 🙂

  3. Aika says:

    RL far far away, but in SL just a teleport.
    Even though SL has many negative stereotypes, it also has its advantages. You meet people from all over the world and so get new friends. I will learn Japanese and then I throw away my stupid translator. 😀

    I see you in SL

    PS. translation by google 😉

  4. ujiyasu says:

    People enjoying SL are each different.
    I enjoy talking with people of the world most 🙂

    It gains the knowledge of each other’s countries.
    And we deepen the respect to each other’s countries.

    By the way,I ate curry sausage.
    Aika,teach me more German cuisine 😉

  5. Aika says:

    German cuisine?
    I hope that tastes good:)

    because you have a little inspiration on German Cuisine

    do not worry, you’ll survive it 😀

  6. ujiyasu says:

    I’m all right!
    Many Germans live in Yokohama. And there is Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama.

    There are some restaurants of German food, too.
    I’m interested in domestic dishes in real Germany.

    It is very significant for me to know them 🙂

  7. Aika says:


    you did it well. You can enjoy German food. Here where I live, are not much Japanese cuisine. Only a few sushi bars. 😦
    I think Japanese cuisine is more than just sushi 🙂

    • ujiyasu Handrick says:

      Dishies relatively known for the people who are interested in Japan,sushi,Tempura,ramen are were originally fast food.

      The Japanese traditional formal dish is related to tea ceremony deeply.
      And many Japanese forgot the tradition now.

      Fast food and frozen food are edible in many Japanese families. It may be a poor-looking meal. The increase of the needy family increased to the cultural poverty.

  8. Aika says:

    this is the urge of the human being to do everything quickly and easily. Previously it has been for hours in front of the stove and cooked. Today it is put in the microwave and ten minutes later the food was ready.
    Or you call the pizza delivery service and orders a pizza

    quickly and easily

  9. ujiyasu says:

    For example, like my case,there are the people who cannot have long time for cooking on weekdays. Fast food and the frozen food are essential then.

    I can cook an ideal dish on the weekend.
    And it’s one of my small pleasure 🙂

  10. Aika says:

    I can cook, too. I can make hot water. 🙂
    I cook often, because when I’m hungry, I would not eat minutes in 30 min.
    I only cook when I get visitors.
    But the nature makes me cook, outdoors it is 30 degrees Celsius. so warm -.-


  11. ujiyasu says:

    English and German are near languages, but a translater often displays wrong translation. And, as for English and the far-off Japanese, more wrong translation is thereby done 😦

    However, we know that English is a language spoken by most people in the world. And we can do mutual understanding in English. I may express wrong English, too.

    Aika,we know that we don’t have malice each other.
    It’s nothin 🙂

  12. Aika says:

    strangely not English is the most spoken language, but Spanish. But fortunately we do not speak spanish ^ ^

    You will learn my Japanese and we do not need a translator more ^ ^

  13. ujiyasu says:

    That makes sense 🙂
    But I’m pressed for time on weekday.
    My long working hours are torture 😦

    It takes the exercise time for language away from me…

  14. Aika says:

    somehow we can do it.
    I prefer to be error-free writing with you:)

  15. ujiyasu says:

    The language is a convenient tool. We can read a high article and novel with each native language.And we can talk in English mutually.

    I’m surely inferior in my English. However, I can talk with you.
    We don’t remain silent 🙂
    We can understand each other’s feelings surely.

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