My depression

I’m troubled about a place of my work for  past several days. I might relocate to another office of Yokohama. I worked in the current workplace for approximately nine months. The confused workplace changes smoothly recently. I was troubled last year by excessive overtime work. We tried for improvement to reduce overtime work. And it was succeeding.

However, I was advised about the transfers from a director to other workplaces. In the confused workplace, improvement is required. However, why must I command improvement again?

Probably the male section manager of the workplace is a good-for-nothing.  He is an owner of typical old sense of values of Japan. He despises  women and forces his subordinates to long-time labor.

The Japanese company is very strange. I don’t have clear authority. However, I bear only responsibility. In the Japanese company, the boss gets away from responsibility. It’s a totally strange organization. Watch Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Indistinct who is responsible is a cause of the big accident. And the responsibility of bosses is vague.

I want to decline the request if I can do it…

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2 Responses to My depression

  1. Im sorry it doesnt sound nice =(

    But we have bosses like this in Sweden too….

    warm hugs and take care!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you!!
    I was delighted to hear that your words of comfort to me 🙂
    There may be few bosses praised in many countries.
    The blunder of the Japanese company stands out particularly recently…

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