Revival of the Phoenix

I failed in the version up of the phoenix viewer last time and used viewer2 so far. The failure of the version up occurred in the addition of the fix program. As for it, side by side constitution seemed to have a problem.

After the trial that some degrees was, I shifted to viewer2. However, viewer2 disappointed me very much. Probably the performance of my PC may be lacking in ability to operate viewer2 comfortably.

I typed it in the chat column which I was hard to watch frequently and made a mistake. And I have sent my favorite horse to heaven. As for it, opening inventry tab has covered the name of my horse. I did not notice that I was going to put out an important horse.

The important horse disappeared, and I grieved. Viewer2 often blocks the view in an excessive tab.

And heavy viewer2 is unsuitable for the exploration of SL. I continue some SIMs and cannot explore it. My performance gradually decreases and is made to log out forcibly before long.

I challenged the installation of the phoenix viewer again. I started the installation of the Microsoft Framework again several times. It finally displayed error message and stopped. I may not start Fhoenix Viewer this time either.

However, I continued installation because the button of the execute file was displayed. And I was able to start  Phoenix Viewer safely 🙂

The world of SL which operated lightly revived.

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