happa : Heterocera


Seemingly the building is modest so as to mistake it for a house. However, it’s a shop. I was attracted by the unique appearance and atmosphere of this shop. It is located above SLRR Mainline .


The view from the wooden terrace is very good. However, the texture of the ground of low land spoils the fun. It’s a seat of the aestheometry.

The shape of the building is very unique. However, it does not let me feel a sarcasm. Rather I was attracted by this building.

The water hyacinth is sold.

Happa means a leaf in English. It’s called “ha(葉)” formally. Happa(葉っぱ) is its slang. When it is matched with other kanjis, it is pronounced yo-u.

Just like it sounds,Happa sells various plants.

Abandoned Land exists behind a shop. After Lehman Shock, such land seemed to increase. The site of Happa is surrounded by those land.

I floated the water hyacinth on the small Japanese garden of Rera.

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