New Town Of Sweden

New Town Of Sweden is in Denmark Bornholm SIM. Bornholm is a Danish island on the Baltic Sea. The island is to the south in southern Sweden,Skåne.

When I teleported to here, a female approached me. She see the strange tag above my head. And she left. I displayed @YAMATO overhead then. In a sense the North European people may be bashful in front of strangers. In practice, though they are very good at English 🙂

A small town is the subject, but is splendid in the scene of nature here.

Is here a campground? As for the scarecrow, both Japan and North Europe are the same figures.

I was relaxed here.

This is a cottage called fritidshus. They are built well in shores in Sweden.

The shore doesn’t let me get tired.

It’s a wonderful deck.

What is my true purpose?

Gittrika had her shop here. Her shop is under construction now. After the shop opened, I will revisit here 🙂

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2 Responses to New Town Of Sweden

  1. I have been in Denmark, Sealand Island, were ’96 summer. I get hooked for the Scandinavian surround and a surprising mild warm sea waters. Baltic is a wonder place to be, may be my next trip on holidays… And Bornholm an step to Nordkapp.


    In ’96 I’drove alone in my old little Citröên AX, without music radio, a long two and half days from Tarifa (Cádiz) passing Valencia, Toulousse, Lyon, Freiburg and staight up to Kobenhavn, Denmark. Røskilde was my aim. 😉

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Nordic countries are attractive for me unconditionally.
    And I love the Spanish dish, too 🙂
    Paella in particular!!

    Did you go on a trip by your car from Andalucia to Sjælland?
    It is very interesting. As for the trip by car, scenery changes every moment.
    The trip by airplane is convenient, but omits progress on the way.
    You had a good experience 🙂

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