Around The Atoll : Heterocera

I came to SLRR Lunalis Station of Heterocera Continent.

A Japanese national flag is seen in the other side of SLRR Main Line.

This division is named  “Around The Atoll”.

The owner of here June is an American. She introduces some Japanese bloggers about the Mainland exploration including me here.

Three useful notecards and free sailboat are provided to you for Atoll tour.

They are Touring the Atoll Continent,ATOLL WATER REZ ZONES AND BOAT RIDES and The Atoll Route 6.

The notecard ofSLRR Station Reference and free train are provided.

The name of the road is described in a road map of Atoll by Yevad.

The blogs about the Mainland exploration are collected here. Around The Atoll is the information center which is useful with the kindness about the Atoll continent generally.

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2 Responses to Around The Atoll : Heterocera

  1. June Trefoil says:

    ujiyasu, thanks for visiting my place!

    I came here to your blog to tell you that I just visited your Imperial Station to see your changes 🙂 I took a glass of champagne and raised my glass to say ‘beautiful job’. I did not realize that your station was inspired by one built in 1891. Your building and landscaping were warm and inviting before, and even more so now. It is difficult for some (like me!) to build within the limitations of the land but you have worked beautifully to use the slope of the land to very good advantage.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    My pleasure 🙂
    You are contributing to inhabitants of SL with mind of splendid service. .
    Seeing is believing. I noticed that big usefulness once when I stood in Around the Atoll. The appropriate explanation that eliminated an excessive exaggeration lets visitors raise adventure.

    And June,thank you for praise to my station. Yes,my station is imitation of an existing old Japanese station. Of course the basement of the station building is creation for SL.

    The construction in the slant place is accompanied by constant difficulty so that you say. The advantage to be provided when we overcame it is a distinguished view 🙂

    Thank you for the guidance of the wonderful continent exploration to us!!

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