My Amaretto Horses May 4, 2011

I classified my horses more than 60 in Rera by each coat. First group is coat of Black/Tan Appaloosa and Black Painted.

Next group is coat of Tan/Silver Palomino and Creme Pinto.

This group is coat of White Walker, Creme Buckskin and  Sakura Blossom Horse White.

And this group is coat of Black Buckskin,Black/Brown Walker,Black/White Mustang,Red Andalusian and Golden Palomino.

The last group is stallions.

My most favorite horse is Julia now. Her eyes are Baby Blue.

Frida has eyes of Water Element. These eyes are very beautiful, too. By the way, I add Swedish male/famale name to my horses.

Karin’s eyes are Garnet.

Marit’s eyes are Light green.

Svea’s eyes are  Garnet StarShine.

The eyes of Lotta are Midnight blue.

Nea has Aquamarine HeartShine eyes. I don’t expect a rare horse that much. However, I’m satisfied with my horses.

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