New Japanese,Donald Keene

A large number of Chinese unjust immigrants escaped by the big earthquake and nuclear plant accident in Japan from Japan to China.

On the other hand, high quality foreign people did not leave Japan. There are foreign people naturalized in Japan daringly.

A professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature at Columbia University, Donald Keene performed his last lecture on April 26. He said to the beginning of the lecture, graduate students.

“Many foreigners left Japan by the big earthquake and the accident of the nuclear power generation of Japan. However, I have already decided to be naturalized in Japan. I think that significance is it in showing trust for Japan at such time.”

“I want to have Japanese nationality as a token of thanks to Japan. He carried through a single person until now and was devoted to a Japanese study. And he said.

“I married a woman called Japan. Japanese are very splendid people. Japanese people just took a big blow. However, I believe that Japanese people recover themselves still more magnificently.”

Japan is the new mother country for him.

The Western classical literature is well known worldwide. However, the Japanese classical literature is not known that much. The Japanese classical literature does not have inferiority than Western it historically. The big difference in language is the biggest obstacle. And he who maintained an excellent translation skill contributed to translation of the Japanese classical literature.

Welcome  to Japan,Donald. And it’s our countryman 🙂

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